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Latest Music featuring myself....

Listen too latest Beggars Opera


Album 'The Leap' 



Listen too latest Excellent Birds


single 'Sylvia's Mirror'  


Features myself and 6 other drummers;


Guy Metcalfe (Thought Forms), James Hester (Cars on Fire), Hugo Bishop (Oliver Wild), Dan Johnson (EP/64, MARCY), Andy Sutor (Peach, Emily Breeze) and Mark Whitlam (Andy Sheppard), which we were asked to improvise to a 4/4 metronome without the track and record it on our phones. The recordings were then cut up and the beat was made.


DruMantra is a new experimental solo project given birth during lockdown.

With zero expectations other than seeing what happens with the tools at hand. 

   Drums and logic X synths both of which are semi improvised to an audio visual finish.

Debut EP Coming soon.




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