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No up and coming shows...... 


13/12/19 Hysterical Injury, Esquires, Bedford (Supporting Beak>)

12/12/19 Hysterical Injury , Bristol (Supporting Beak>)

11/12/19 Hysterical Injury, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (Supporting Beak>)

10/12/19 Hysterical Injury , The Welly Club, Hull (Supporting Beak>)

8/12/19  Hysterial Injury, Brudenell , Leeds (Supporting Beak>)

6/12/19  Hysterical Injury, Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow (Supporting Beak>)

5/12/19  Hysterical Injury, Arts Club, Liverpool (Supporting Beak>)

4/12/19  Hysterical Injury, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (Supporting Beak>)

1/12/19  Hysterical Injury, Arts Centre, Norwich (Supporting Beak>)

29/11/19 Hysterical Injury, Music Hall, RamsGate (Supporting Beak>)

28/11/19 Hysterical Injury, The Loft, Southhampton (Supporting Beak>)

14/8/19 The Penelopes, Dunkerque / Malo Les Bains, France

12/8/19 The Penelopes, Le Touguet, France

10/8/19 The Penelopes, Dieppe, France

8/8/19 The Penelopes, Deauville, France

6/8/19 The Penelopes, Saint-Malo, France

5/8/19 The Penelopes, Quimper, France

3/8/19 The Penelopes, Perros - Guirec, France

1/8/19 The Penelopes, Les Sables d'Olonne, France

31/7/19 The Penelopes, Pornic, France

29/7/19 The Penelopes, Royan Ou La Rochelle, France

27/7/19 The Penelopes, Arcachon, France

25/7/19 The Penelopes, Lacanau - Ocean, France

23/7/19 The Penelopes, Vieux Boucau, France

20/7/19 The Penelopes, Port Barcares, France

19/7/19 The Penelopes, Cap d' Agde, France

18/7/19 The Penelopes, La Grande Motte, France

17/7/19 The Penelopes, Toulon, France

15/7/19 The Penelopes, Nice, France

23/3/19 Hysterical Injury, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

21/3/19 Hysterical Injury, Venue TBC, Bristol

20/3/19 Hysterical Injury, Aces And Eights, London

9/2/19 Hysterical Injury, Hope & Anchor, London

22/12/18 Hysterical Injury, Louisiana, Bristol

5/12/18 Hysterical Injury, Komedia, Bath
24/11/18: The Hysterical Injury, The Dome, Kentish Town, London
5/8/17: The Penelopes, Razzmatazz, Barcelona

7/7/17: The Penelopes, Salo (LIVE) with Asia Argento, Paris

10-2-2017: The Penelopes, London, Uk

20-1-2017: The Penelopes, Paris, France.

19-1-2017: The Penelopes, Paris, France

3-12-2016: Dj gig Private function, Cawdors, Llandielo, Wales

22-10-2016: Hysterical Injury, Bristol, Supporting Get The Blessing.

28-9-2016: Hysterical Injury, Private Gig, Bristol 02 Academy.

1-5-2016: Hysterical Injury, Bath, @Moles

8-4-2016: Dj gig Private function, Cawdors, Llandielo, Wales

26-3-2016: Hysterical Injury, Bristol, @SecretSaturdays

13-2-2016: Hysterical Injury, Bristol, @TheFleece,  6MusicFest UK

12-2-2016: Hysterical Injury, Bristol, @Startthebus,. 6MusicFest UK

29-1-2016: Hysterical Injury, Bristol, @OldEngland. UK

18-12-2015: Hysterical Injury, Bristol, @Roll For The Soul. UK.

28-11-2015: Hysterical Injury, Bristol, @Surreyaults. UK.

24-10-2015: Hysterical Injury, London, @Powerlunches. UK.

10-10-2015: Hysterical Injury, Bristol, Stag and hounds UK.

1-10-2015: Hysterical Injury, Bristol, Crofters rights UK.

30-9-2015: Hysterical Injury, Bristol. 02 Academy. UK

12-9-2015: The Penelopes, Paris.

5-9-2015: C90’s Private Function.

4-9-2015: C90’s Private Function.

29-8-2015: C90’s Private Function.

28-8-2015: Hysterical Injury, Bath,UK. The Royal Oak.

22-8-2015: C90’s Private Function. 

21-8-2015: C90’s Private Function. 

20-8-2015: Hysterical Injury, ArcTangent Fest.UK.

14-8-2015: C90’s Private Function. 

4-7-2015: Human Pymaids, @2000 Trees Fest

20-6-2015:Dj gig Private function,

12-6-2015: Hysterical Injury, Bristol,UK. Secret show

10-6-2015: The Penelopes, Paris, France.
9-6-2015: The Penelopes, Paris, France.
6-5-2015: C90’s Private Function. 
3-5-2015: Hysterical Injury, Bristol,UK. Arctanegnt warm up stag a Hounds show
7-4-2015: Studio session, @Bridgerowstudio’s,Wales,UK.
6-4-2015: Studio session, @Bridgerowstudio’s,Wales,UK.
5-4-2015: Studio session, @Bridgerowstudio’s,Wales,UK.
28-3-2015: Hysterical Injury, Sheffield,UK.@TheAudaciousArtExperiment
27-3-2015: Hysterical Injury, Bristol,UK.@Thesportsman
26-3-2015: Hysterical Injury, London,UK.@Powerlunches

31-12-2014: Hysterical Injury, Bristol,UK.@Stag And Hounds New Years
28-12-2014: C90’s Private Function. 
20-12-2014: C90’s Private Function. 
19-12-2014: Hysterical Injury, Bristol,UK. Rita Lynch Launch 
6-12-2014: C90’s Private Function. 
29-11-2014: Cursor Major, Bristol,UK. @TheLouisiana 
6-11-2014: Hysterical Injury, Bristol,UK. @The Thunderbolt. 
1-11-2014: C90’s Private Function. 
18-10-2014: Hysterical Injury, Recording sessions Bristol,UK. @J&JStudio’s 
17-10-2014: Hysterical Injury, Recording sessions Bristol,UK. @J&JStudio’s 
4-10-2014: Hysterical Injury, Leeds,UK. 
1-10-2014: Hysterical Injury, Bristol,UK. @The Fleece 
20-9-2014: Hysterical Injury, Bristol,UK. @The Exchange 
14-9-2014: Hysterical Injury, Leeds,UK. @Long Devision Festival 
6-9-2014: Hysterical Injury, Barcelona, Spain. @Riba Rocks Fest 
29-8-2014: Human Pyramids, @ArcTanGent Festival, Bristol. (Singing oh yeah) 
2-8-2014: Hysterical Injury, Manchester. @Eklectica Fest 
31-7-2014: Hysterical Injury, @WharfChambers, Leeds 
26-7-2014: Hysterical Injury,Gloucestershire @Onefootfestival 
13-6-2014: Hysterical Injury, Bristol. @The Crypt 
26-5-2014: Hysterical Injury, Bristol. @Start The Bus 
24-5-2014: Hysterical Injury, Bristol. @Dot To Dot fest 
17-5-2014: Death And Treason (Twisted Theatre production’s) @Lee Memroial Hall, Devon. UK 
16-5-2014: Death And Treason (Twisted Theatre production’s) @RoyalOak, Dolton, Devon. UK 
3-5-2014: Hysterical Injury, Wales. @Wedding show 
26-4-2014: Hysterical Injury, Sheffield. Supporting Annette Berlin 
19-4-2014: Hysterical Injury, @TheLexington, London. Supporting Mike Watt
11-4-2014: Hysterical Injury, @Thekla, Bristol,Supporting Bleach
4-4-2014: FairHorns, @Stag and Hounds, Bristol 
28-3-2014: Hysterical Injury, @TheIslington, London 
10-2-2014: The Penelopes, @Barfly, London. 

15/12/2013: @Exchange, Hysterical injury + The Vees
13/12/2013: @Start The Bus, Hysterical injury + Adding Machine
23/11/2013: St Andrew’s take one song concert. with Will Gregory (Goldfrapp), @Bath Abbey.
16-11-2013: Hysterical Injury’s. @Bank Stokes Croft, Bristol.
23-10-2013: Hysterical Injury’s, @Start the bus, Bristol, With Holograms.
19-10-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Carefully planned festival, Manchester. 
18-10-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Ladyfest, Sheffield. 
11-10-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Powerluches, London. 
2-10-2013: Hysterical Injury @Visions of trees video premiere, Cube Bristol. 
1-10-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Mr Wolfs, Bristol, with Annete Berlin. 
27-9-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Chinnery’s Southend, supporting The Primatives. 
26-9-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Slade rooms. Wolverhampton, Supporting The Primatives. 
21-9-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Moles Bath, Supporting The Primatives. 
20-9-2013: Hysterical Injury, @The Exchange Bristol, Supporting Brian Chippendale’s BlackPus. 
31-8-2013: Hysterical Injury, @ArcTanGent Festival, Bristol. 
9-8-2013: Hysterical Injury, @TheUnderbelly, London, with TommyHawks, Cara Sebasdian 
27-7-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Green park tavern, Bath, with Axe Girl. 
12-6-2013: The Penelopes, @NXNE Festival, Toronto, Canada. 
4-6-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Louisiana, Bristol, supporting Marnie Stern. 
25-5-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Dot to Dot festival, Bristol. 
16-5-2013: The Penelopes, @Brighton Great Escape Festival. 
9-5-2013: Hysterical Injury, @The Croft, Bristol. 
3-5-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Old Blue Last, ArcTanchent Festival, London, supporting Nordic Giants. 
2-5-2013: The Penelopes, @Liverpool Sound City Festival.
16-3-2013:Hysterical Injury, @Cavern Club, Bristol.
23-2-2013: Hysterical Injury, @Ladyfest, London.

11-12-2012: The Penelopes, @UEA, NORWICH, supporting Human League.
10-12-2012: The Penelopes, @THE FORUM, HERTFORDSHIRE, supporting Human League.
9-12-2012: The Penelopes, @ENGINE SHED, LINCOLN, supporting Human League.
8-12-2012: The Penelopes,@O2 APOLLO, MANCHESTER, supporting Human League.
7-12-2012: The Penelopes, @CITY HALL, NEWCASTLE, supporting Human League.
5-12-2012: The Penelopes,@O2 ACADEMY, GLASGOW, supporting Human League.
4-12-2012: The Penelopes, @CITY HALL, @CITY HALL, supporting Human League.
2-12-2012: The Penelopes, @CIVIC HALL WOLVERHAMPTON, supporting Human League.
1-12-2012: The Penelopes, @VICTORIA THEATRE, HALIFAX, supporting Human League.
30-11-2012: The Penelopes, @ROYAL CONCERT HALL, NOTTINGHAM, supporting Human League.
28-11-2012: The Penelopes, @COLSTON HALL, BRISTOL, supporting Human League.
26-11-2012: The Penelopes, @ROYAL ALBERT HALL, LONDON, supporting Human League.
25-11-2012: The Penelopes, @CORN EXCHANGE, CAMBRIDGE, supporting Human League.
24-11-2012:The Penelopes,@BIC WINDSOR HALL, BOURNEMOUTH, supporting Human League.
23-11-2012: The Penelopes, @BRIGHTON DOME, supporting Human League.
21-11-2012: The Penelopes, @ANCIENNE BELGIQUE, Brussels, Belgium, supporting Human League.
8-11-2012: Hysterical Injury, @The Garage, London. 
3-11-2012: Hysterical Injury, @Ladyfest, Shefield. 
26-10-2012: Hysterical Injury, @Cockpit, Leeds  
21-10-2012: Hysterical Injury, @Swn festival, Cardiff.
19-10-2012: The Penelopes, @Steriolux, Nantes, France
13-10-2012: The Penelopes, @The Nest, London
12-10-2012: Hysterical Injury,@Green Park Tavern, Bath
11-10-2012: Hysterical Injury, @Cockpit, Leeds, England.
6-10-2012: Hysterical Injury, @13th note Glasgow, Scotland
5-10-2012: Hysterical Injury, @The Tunnels, Aberdeen, Scotland.
1-10-2012: Hysterical Injury, @Hoxton bar & kitchen, London.
30-9-2012: The Penelopes, @The Big Mix festival, London.
27-9-2012: The Penelopes, @Proud galleries, Camden, London.
25-9-2012: The Penelopes, @Hoxton bar, London.
14-9-2012: Hysterical Injury, Start the bus, Bristol. Big Jeff’s birthday bash
6-9-2012: The Penelopes, @Vogue fashion night. London
30-8-2012: The Penelopes, @Queen of Hoxton,London
14-8-2012: The Penelopes, @Barfly Camden, London.
12-8-2012: Hysterical Injury, @The Croft, with Big Naturals, Bristol
5-8-2012: The Penelopes, @Olympic gig exhibition road show, London.
4-8-2012: Hysterical Injury, @The Croft, Bristol.
28-7-2012: The Penelopes, @XOYO, London.
7-7-2012: Hysterical Injury, @Landyfest, Bristol.
6-7-2012: The Penelopes, @Shorditch house, London.
5-7-2012:The Penelopes, @Surya, London.
30-6-2012: Hysterical Injury, @Dempseys, Cardiff.
14-6-2012:The Penelopes, @Proud galleries Camdon, London.
9-6-2012: Hysterical Injury, Kiss Festival London
8-6-2012: The Penelopes, @93 feet east, London.
2-6-2012:Hysterical injury, @Dot 2 Dot festival, Bristol.
22-5-2012: The Penelopes, @Bedroom Bar, London.
28-5-2012: Beggars Opera, Studio session
27-5-2012: MX-LX, @Mother’s Ruin Bristol
24-5-2012:Beggars Opera, Studio session
19-5-2012: Hysterical injury, @Stocks croft festival, with Ice sea dead people, Bristol.
19-5-2012: Beggars Opera, Studio session 
12-5-2012: Hysterical injury, video shoot.
12-5-2012: The Penelopes, @Lexington, London.
6-5-2012:The Penelopes, @The Old Queens Head Islington, London.
6-5-2012: The Penelopes, @The Premises, London. 
11-4-2012: She Makes War, @Half Moon Herne Hill, Brixton, London. 
10-4-2012: She Makes War, @Brixton hill rehearsal rooms. London. 
6-4-2012: The Penelopes, @The Nest, London. 
5-4-2012:Hysterical Injury, @The Tunnel’s Bristol.
31-3-2012:The Penelopes, @Queen of Hoxton, Hoxton, London.
30-3-2012:The Penelopes, @Terminal Studios, London.
29-3-2012:The Penelopes, @Terminal Studios, London.
14-3-2012:The Penelopes,@The Electricity Showroom, Hoxton, London.
9-3-2012: Hysterical Injury, Video Shoot.
6-3-2012: The Penelopes, @Jean-Charles De Castelbajac after show, Paris, France.
24-2-2012: Hysterical Injury,@Pine Lodge, Cork, Ireland.
23-2-2012: Hysterical Injury, @Whealan’s, Dublin.
22-2-2012:Hysterical Injury, @The Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, Ireland.
18-2-2012:Hysterical Injury, @Devices, Uk.
17-2-2012:Hysterical Injury, @The Cube, Bristol.
16-2-2012:Hysterical Injury, @Cardiff 10 feet Tall, Wales.
14-2-2012:Hysterical Injury, @Brixton Windmill, London.
11-2-2012: Hysterical injury, @Green Park Tavern, Bath.
9-2-2012:Hysterical Injury,@The Rolleston, Swindon.
4-2-2012: Hysterical Injury, @OLives, Norwich.
2-2-2012:Hysterical injury, BBC Bristol Radio Session
1-2-2012:The Penelopes, @Notting hill arts club, London.
20-1-2012:The Penelopes, @The Nest, London.
19-1-2012: She Makes War, @Shoreditch Town Hall, London.
19-1-2012: The Penelopes, @Terminal Studios, London.
18-1-2012: The Penelopes, @Terminal Studios, London.
17-1-2012: The Penelopes, @Terminal Studios, London.

18-12-2011:The Penelopes, @Terminal Studios, London.
17-12-2011:The Penelopes, @Terminal Studios, London.
16-12-2011:The Penelopes, @Terminal Studios, London.
15-12-2011:The Penelopes, @Terminal Studios, London.
14-12-2011:The Penelopes, @Terminal Studios, London.
10-12-2011:Hysterical Injury,@Green Park Tavern, Bath, UK.
26-11-2011:Hysterical Injury, @Strummerville showcase, supporting Kai fish (Mystery Jets) London, UK.
18-11-2011:Hysterical Injury, @The Stag And Hounds, Bristol, UK.
14-11-2011:She Makes War, @Lightship95, London.
13-11-2011:She Makes War, @Strummerville studio’s, London.
11-11-2011:Hysterical Injury,@Le Pub, Newport, UK.
8-11-2011:Axe Girl,’We believe’ single launch show, @The Workshop, London.
6-11-2011: Axe Girl ,’We believe’ Recording session, London.
28-10-2011:Hysterical Injury,@Green Park Tavern, Bath, UK
15-10-2011:Hysterical Injury, @The Lamb, Devices, UK
6-10-2011: Hysterical Injury, @Start The Bus, Bristol, UK
19-09-2011:Hysterical Injury, studio session @J and J Studio’s, Bristol.
18-09-2011:Hysterical Injury, studio session @J and J Studio’s, Bristol.
17-09-2011:Hysterical Injury, studio session @J and J Studio’s, Bristol.
16-09-2011:Hysterical Injury, studio session @J and J Studio’s, Bristol.
11-09-2011:Hysterical Injury,@The Croft, Bristol, UK.
27-08-2011:Hysterical Injury,Studio session @J and J Studio’s, Bristol
25-8-2011: Hysterical Injury,@Lexington, London, UK, supporting She keeps Bees.
20-08-2011:Hysterical Injury, @Promised Land, Cardiff.
12-08-2011:Hysterical Injury, @Parsons Nose, Melksham, UK.
5-08-2011:Hysterical Injury, @Milo, Leeds, UK.
25-07-2011: Hysterical Injury, studio session @J and J Studio’s, Bristol
24-07-2011: Hysterical Injury, studio session @J and J Studio’s, Bristol
23-07-2011: Hysterical Injury, studio session @J and J Studio’s, Bristol
2-07-02011:Hysterical Injury, @Porter Cellar Bar, Bath, UK.
19-06-2011: Hysterical Injury, @The Croft, Bristol, UK.
21-05-2011:Private Function, Tom Gardiner Drummer, solo gig.

16-02-2011:Tristan Mackay, @East Wintergarden, Canary wharf, London, (supporting Rumer).

26-09-2010:Phil Letley Studio session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales (Engineered/Produced by Andy Thomas)
25-09-2010:Phil Letley Studio session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales (Engineered/Produced by Andy Thomas)
24-09-2010:Phil Letley Studio session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales (Engineered/Produced by Andy Thomas)
23-09-2010:Phil Letley Studio session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales (Engineered/Produced by Andy Thomas)
22-09-2010:Phil Letley Studio session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales (Engineered/Produced by Andy Thomas)
31-05-2010: Cara Sebastian, @Mr Wolf’s, Bristol, England.
29-05-2010:Axe Girl, @Birmingham Pride, England.
26-05-2010:Cara Sebastian, @Moles Club, Bath, England.
17-05-2010:Cara Sebastian, @LeftBank Arts Centre, Bristol,
12-05-2010:Cara Sebastian, @Moles Club, Bath, England
02-05-2010:Cara Sebastian, @The Bell, Bath, England
18-02-2010:Cara Sebastian, @Ritzy Brixton, London.

9-01-2009:Beggars Opera Session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales.
8-01-2009:Beggars Opera session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales.
7-01-2009:Beggars Opera Session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales.
6-01-2009:Beggars Opera Session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales.
5-01-2009:Beggars Opera Session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales.
7-08-2009:Beggars Opera Session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales (‘Lose a Life’ session)
6-08-2009:Beggars Opera Session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales (‘Lose a Life’ session)
5-08-2009:Beggars Opera Session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales (‘Lose a Life’ session)
4-08-2009:Beggars Opera Session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales (‘Lose a Life’ session)
3-08-2009:Beggars Opera Session, @Red Kite Studio’s, Wales (‘Lose a Life’ session)
5-04-2009: Jumpship, @The Louisianna, Bristol. England.

12-10-08:Jumpship, @Moles Club, Bath, England.
9-10-08:Jumpship, @Bath Spa Students Union.
10-08-2008:Cars in walls, @Green Gathering Festival, Wexford, Ireland
28-06-2008:Cars in walls, @Savoy Theatre, Cork, Ireland. (With The Avalanche Effect)
27-06-2008:Cars in walls, @The Infirmary, Cork, Ireland (With Sideproject & Katie Kim)
26-06-2008:Cars in walls, @Whelans, Dublin, Ireland. (With Dry County)
04-06-2008:Cars in walls, @Moles Club, Bath, UK. (with Cathy Davey)
29-05-2008:Cars in walls, @Roisin Dubh, Galway (With Dry County)
28-05-2008:Cars In walls, @Electric Avenue, Waterford (With Ilya K)
25-05-2008:Cars in walls, @Anseo, Dublin, Ireland. (With Ann Scott & The Ambience Affair)
24-05-2008:Cars in walls, @Cleeres Theatre, Kilkenny, Ireland (With Supernova Scotia)
23-05-2008:Cars in walls, @The Quad, Cork, Ireland (With O Emperor)
05-05-2008:Cars in walls, @Fleece & Firkin, Bristol, UK (With The Envy Corps)
25-04-2008:Cars in walls, @Labour Club, Northampton, UK (With Crevecoeur)
23-04-2008:Cars in walls, @Moles Club, Bath, UK (With Dry County & Rosie Taylor Project)
22-04-2008:Cars in walls, @Windmill, London, UK (With Dry County)
13-04-2008:Cars in walls, @Trash, Leeds, UK (With Proud Scout).
12-04-2008:Cars in walls, @Bar 1:22, Huddersfield, UK (With Marvins Revolt)
11-04-2008:Cars in walls, @Fleece & Firkin, Bristol, UK (With The Sky is Blue)
17-02-2008: Cars In walls session, @Riverside Studio’s, Bath(‘Back to Back’ session)Produced By Ross Odonavan
16-02-2008: Cars In walls session, @Riverside Studio’s, Bath(‘Back to Back’ session)Produced By Ross Odonavan
13-Feb-2008:Cars in walls, @Porter Cellar Bar, Bath, UK (With Charlottlefield & Papier Tigre)

04-Oct-2007:Cars in walls, @Porter Cellar Bar, Bath, UK (With The Cedar & Chris Turpin)
01-Dec-2007:Cars in walls, @Bar Habana, Portlaoise, Ireland.
30-Nov-2007:Cars in walls, @The Lower Deck, Dublin, Ireland (With Devestations)
27-Nov-2007:Cars in walls, @Sandinos, Derry, UK (With The Winding Stair)
26-Nov-2007:Cars In walls, @Lavery’s Bunker, Belfast, UK (With Boathouse)

25-Nov-2007:Cars in walls, @Baker Place, Limerick, Ireland (With The Lumieres)

24-Nov-2007:Cars In wallsPing Pong @ The Liquid Lounge, Cork, Ireland (With R.S.A.G)

14-Nov-2007:Cars in walls, @Porter Cellar Bar, Bath, UK (With Nina Hynes)

11-Nov-2007:>Cars In walls, @Mr Wolf’s, Bristol,
UK (With Nina Hynes)

27-03-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Bath Uni Students Union. Bath
23-03-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @DYMK, Bath, England.
04-04-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @The Heardsman, Hereford
02-5-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Bath Spa Music Festival, Bath Pavilion.
03-05-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel, London.
04-05-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @O’neals, Bath
11-05-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Wistle Binkies, Edinburgh
13-05-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Pressure point, Brighton.
15-05-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Madam JoJo’s soho, London
16-05-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @The Duchess, York
18-05-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Sheffeild Uni, Sheffield
19-05-06:Kicktin/Axe Girl, @Leicester Pride, Leicester
03-04-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Moles Studio, Bath(I Like Girls EP)Engineered by Paul Corkett
04-04-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Moles Studio, Bath(I Like Girls EP)Engineered by Paul Corkett
04-04-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Moles Studio, Bath(I Like Girls EP)Engineered by Paul Corkett
05-04-06:KickTin/Axe Girl, @Moles Studio, Bath(I Like Girls EP)Engineered by Paul Corkett


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